Smallwater Lodge Lake.



Smallwater Lodge lake is a new heavily stocked small fishing lake in France

with family lodge accommodation. (a converted farmhouse barn)

Smallwater Lodge Lake in France is situated in a tranquil, scenic location on a private & secure site,

surrounded by woodland and green fields with abundant wildlife in the area.

This small fishing lake is very active and contains carp to over 40lb,

plus black bass, perch, zander and even a couple of sturgeon

making it an ideal fishing lake for all anglers including beginners and children.

 The lake is surrounded by trees and hedges with picnic areas.

 Although the sun still shines on the lake there are some nice shaded areas

 which can be a relief from the heat of the sun at the height of the season in France.


Lodge lake

Smallwater Lodge lake facts

Depth:  5ft to 12ft (1.6 to 4 meters

Size: half acre

Average summer water temperature: 28 degrees centigrade

Average winter water temperature: 12 degrees centigrade

 Fishery Rules

You must have a suitable landing net at all times when fishing.

Do not leave rods unattended when your line is in the water.

Please carefully dispose of all litter in bins provided.

No lead core and barbless or semi-barbed (micro barbed) hooks only.

Maximum of Three rods per fisherman allowed.

These rules are set out for the welfare of the fish

and to ensure quality fishing and an enjoyable stay for all our guests.

If you neglect to abide by the rules above, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the fishery.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to meeting you.

Below you can see pictures of the lake being excavated.


Smallwater Lodge lake in the beginning



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